I grew up in a gospel music ministry. At three months old, I had been traveling on a bus with my mom and the group she sang with out of Maryville, Tennessee. My grandfather was a preacher. I loved watching him preach, especially when the spirit fell. When I was eight years old, we were having a singing one Sunday morning and the spirit was moving. I could feel the Lord tugging at my heart. I went to the altar and got down on my knees, and my grandfather led me to the Lord. And I have served the Lord since that day.I starting singing with my mom in 2014 and we sang for a few years till her health would not let her travel and sing anymore. For many years i have felt the call to sing but never felt it was the right time to sing. But now in this new season of my life i fell God is lining things up for something that i can’t see but i’m ready to walk through that door.